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Africa Initiative

The International Development Law Organization’s (IDLO) Africa Initiative is a platform for cooperation across the continent to support the strengthening of legal institutions and access to justice. By engaging key stakeholders, including African leaders; policymakers, practitioners and experts, IDLO will establish strategic partnerships for the advancement of sustainable development on the continent through the promotion of the rule of law.  

Picture info: First Day of Voting in Southern Sudan Referendum. ©UN Photo/Tim McKulka

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Africa's Sustainable Development


With the launch of the 2030 Agenda and Agenda 2063, the continent reached consensus on the rule of law being fundamental to the achievement of sustainable development.



IDLO Africa Conference

Together with the Government of Tanzania, IDLO organized a conference titled “Achieving the 2030 Agenda and Agenda 2063: The Rule of Law as a Driver of Africa’s Sustainable Development” held on June 1-2 in Dar es Salaam. The participants called for action in several areas, which will be brought forward through the Africa Initiative.  


Picture info: Hon. Dr. Augustine P. Mahiga, Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tanzania and
Irene Khan,
Director General of the International Development Law Organization. © IDLO/Craft Studios

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IDLO in Africa



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